Hot Cross Buns


Are you looking for a little extra something to spice up those last few lessons before Easter? Combine learning and enjoyment (the strongest combination!) in this free downloadable resource for beginner piano lessons created and written by Sally Cathcart.

Sold By: Sally Cathcart


HOT CROSS BUNS is a fun and engaging piano teaching resource from the Ready to Play series created and written by Sally Cathcart. It is designed to be used during a piano lesson, either as a standalone activity or to support learning from a tutor book.

Features of the song and the workbook include:

  • a seasonal Easter song
  • do trichord (do, re, mi)
  • crotchets, quavers and crotchet rest (quarter notes, eighth notes and  quarter note rests)
  • phrase structure A, A, B, A
  • step-by-step movement from singing to playing
  • pupil-centred workbook, laid out for ease of learning
  • transposition and improvisation activity

The workbook is ideal for beginner students who are in their first year of learning the piano, although the song itself can be adapted to work at various levels.

This sampler is from ready to play, the brand new series of musicianship books by Sally Cathcart.

Musicianship for beginners and beyond!

Listening, internalisation, and musical understanding are encouraged from the very earliest stages in this colourful, attractive, and comprehensive series. Full of progressive and engaging activities that develop a secure and wide-ranging foundation, off we go! starts piano students on the path to being truly ready to play.

Book 1 – off we go! CLICK HERE

Book 2 – moving up! CLICK HERE

Here’s a short video where Sally demonstrates the song and a clapping game to go with it.

Additional information


Early Years, Primary School (4-11)


Beginner (Initial)

Resource Type

Sheet Music – Single Piece



Teaching Focus

Aural, Playing By Ear, Rhythm, Solo Piece(s)


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