Interval Flashcards: 4ths and 5ths (steps and skips extension pack)


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A set of 21 flashcards that will help your students become more confident sight-readers by recognising intervals of fourths and fifths. This pack builds on the flashcards from the steps and skips pack.

Each flashcard shows a set of two notes on a stave and the student will have to identify the  interval. The notes are either shown as melodic intervals or harmonic intervals. There is no clef on the staves so the cards can be used for any instrument.

Melodic and harmonic intervals are in different colours to help you identify them and, if you want, to focus on one type.

One game to play with the flashcards is to see how quickly your students can sort them into the correct categories. You can also time them and repeat the activity a couple of weeks later to track progress.

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All Ages


Beginner (Initial), Early Elementary (Grade 1), Elementary (Grade 2)


Non Seasonal

Teaching Focus

Note Reading, Sight Reading, Theory


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