Penguin Snap Game – Time Signatures and Note Values


A fun penguin themed resource to improve students’ understanding of note values, rest values and time signatures.

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This printable game is designed to reinforce an understanding of time signatures, note values and rest values.  

For 2 or more players.

Play snap using the cards – match cards with the same time signature.

Other ways to use the cards:

  • Use the cards as rhythm flashcards—show them to your students and ask them to clap/play the rhythm shown. Body percussion can be used to play the rhythms.  Award students penguin points for each correct rhythm—how many points can they earn in a minute?
  • Lay the cards face down and play a game of matching pairs—for each turn a player turns over two cards. If they have the same time signature the player keeps the cards.  Replace them face-down if they have different time signatures.
  • Arrange a selection of cards (with the same time signature) in different orders and use as a starting point for improvisation/composition work. Think about how articulation, tempo and dynamics can be used to change the mood of the phrases.


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